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“OSL Healing Ministries”  is made up of a network of Local Chapters and Lone Members, supported by State Committees and a National Board of Directors.   The Order of St. Luke the Physician in Australia (ABN 70 001 220 631, operating under the Trademark Name of OSL HEALING MINISTRIES) is ultimately governed by a National Council, comprised of  the Members of the Order.   Operational management of the Order is the responsibility of an elected Board of Directors and a National Secretary who is responsible for the daily administration of the Order.

State Committees of the Order are comprised of a State Chaplain, State Secretary and Members drawn from within that State or Territory.   Regional Chaplains may also be appointed to assist the State Chaplain in his/her support of the various Chapters and Lone Members within that State/Territory.

Listed below are contact details for you to use, depending on your particular inquiry

 GENERAL INQUIRIES   email:  oslaust@bigpond.com
                                              Mobile 0457 873273
                                              PO Box 251, Hanwood  NSW  2680

NATIONAL CHAPLAIN:        Ps J Bradley,
                                                     email: oslaust@bigpond.com
                                                     PO Box 251, Hanwood NSW 2680
PASTORAL CHAPLAIN         Rev’d David LeRossignol  Mobile: 0457 299 408

NATIONAL SECRETARY:       Rev Andrea McDougall
                                                      Mobile 0457 873273 email:

ALLANSFIELD                    Booking enquiries  03 5956 9333
                                                 email:  allansfield@oslhealing.org.au

OSL WEB SITE:                          www.osl.org.au

NATIONAL LAY CHAPLAIN: Jean Coates, (03)9801 6360 Email: oslaust@bigpond.com

PRAYER CHAIN:                       Elaine Davies,
                                                       email: ingleford@bigpond.com, 0438 377 217 for requests.

State Chaplain NSW(Acting).:   Rev'd Geoffrey McAuliffe, Mobile: 0428 557 770

State Chaplain QLD:                  Rev’d Trevor Butler Mobile: 0400 411 590

State Chaplain TAS:                   Rev’d David LeRossignol Mobile: 0457 299 408

State Chaplain VIC (Acting):    Rev’d Lloyd George Mobile: 0427 460485

State Chaplain SA                       Rev’d Dr Canon John Beiers Phone: (08) 8351 2474

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